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Production Stills

Stills from the fiick itself.  Click on a picture to get a larger view of the image.

Simon introducing the show

In front of the house

Sara & Chris on the first episode

Corey's first moments in the house

The houseguests get their collars

Simon addresses the house for the first time

A mother can't believe what happend

Businessman wasn't a fan

The Breeze Brothers audition for the show

Chillin', JM style

Aimee relaxes in the pool

Trouble in the yard

Chris & Kristin look on

Laquanda can't believe it

Corey calls a meeting

Chris joins Aimee for a smoke

Sara helps Kristin

Corey confides in Rita

Chris & Rita go at it

Chris gets in trouble with Laquanda

J.M. hears something

Aimee & Sara steal a "moment"

Network Security

The first house council

Simon's post-show interview

Simon tries to deal with Rita

Hugh's Interview

Karen's interview

Sam's interview

Charles' interview